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While six years of compulsory education are provided everywhere in Morocco, it is also a fact that when children from the small mountain villages enroll in school, most of them have never seen a book. This educational alienation often means that children finish their education career at the end of their compulsory schooling, that is, before it has really begun. In consequence the general level of education does not change, even though the mothers express a strong desire to improve their children’s professional prospects through a better education.

What we do

Education is the basis for a self-determined future, a way out of poverty. Following the PortrAid idea, we support children’s education in a very direct and personal way. The way this works is pretty simple: A well known artist takes a portrait of children from one of the small villages, in this case Douar Anzal, Takaterte and Adour, Morocco. The portraits which are also buyable on this website get ideally exhibited at galleries. The return from the sales of these PortrAids is then directly used to help pay for the pre-school education costs of the kid in the photograph. What makes this idea striking is the direct connection it has from the child, to the photographer, to the buyer of the PortrAid.

What you can do

The doors are now open for you to participate. By just purchasing the PortrAid of your choice you can give the children in the picture, one year of Pre-School learning. With this you can contribute in bringing education and perspectives a little bit closer to the children of Douar Anzal, Takaterte and Adour.
Every PortrAid is unique, carrying with it a children’s magic wholehearted sentiment of gratitude for your gift of education.
The portraits are 40 x 50 cm in size, printed on Fine Art Baryta and encased in an ashwood frame with anti-reflective glass.
Get art, give education.
I see you learn.

Our costs

We try to be as transparent as possible.

School Costs 250
VAT 7% 32
Print 32
Frame 64
Packaging material 7
Shipping 10
Overhead 95
Price PortrAid 490

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* Should the child in a photograph, for whatever reason, no longer be able or willing to receive school education, we will use the returns from the sale of the respective PortrAid to support another child instead.

Supporters who share our vision

Initiated by ABURY Foundation and Thomas Rusch

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